Our mission

Our mission and philosophy

We have travelled a lot and surfed some of the best spots in the world. Eventually, we decided to settle down in LAS PALMAS where we found the perfect conditions combining surfing, nature, relaxation and culture. We also believe that yoga is the perfect supplement to surfing- it is an effective way to train your balance, to strengthen your muscles and to find your centre!

Culture side of Gran Canaria

The Surf Gran Canaria Team would be happy to teach you about the history of Gran Canaria as well as about the contemporary culture. And by participating in our projects and activities you will even be able to influence Gran Canaria’s future.
In opposition to the mass tourism which takes part in the southern part of the island, we will get you out of the hotel to show you our beautiful Gran Canaria. We will take you to the most secluded places which have not been discovered by the mass tourism yet. Apart from the beaches, you will also get to know the rural parts where you can experience the Canary culture, arts, and craftworks. We always include a Day Trip to visit different not tourist local places on Gran Canaria.


I think when a surfer becomes a surfer,

it’s almost like an obligation to be an

environmentalist at the same time.

~Kelly Slater~


Our mission is to sustain the natural environment.

We get involved in:

  • Environmental education
  • Support of local businesses and Canary craftwork
  • Preference of business partners who operate economically sustainable
  • Working with the Triodos Bank, the only bank which has an ethic codex and works sustainably
  • The owners of the Surf Gran Canaria Refuge are members of the association “Friends of the planet Earth”