stand up paddle gran canaria

What is Stand up Paddle surfing?

The origins of Stand Up Paddling can trace its roots back to the 60′s in the Hawaiian Islands, where the beach dwellers of Waikiki would stand upright on long boards and paddle out to take photographs of tourists and locals who were looking to catch a wave.
Surf up Paddling is simply standing on a special surf board of 1.80m-4m length and pushing forwards on the water using a long paddle.

Why are SUP Lessons so popular?

Stand up Paddle is well known as an alternative to surfing, moreover:

  • SUP is far easier to learn and practice by everyone – even children and elder people can give it a try
  • on SUP you will make fast progress; within the very first hour you will be familiar with the basics
  • SUP is a very effective body workout (arm, legs and back muscles are strengthened)

sup for beginners

Is it the first time that you SUP? Don’t worry, we teach you from the very first starting points.

We will teach you:

  • How to go out paddling from the beach
  • How to paddle correctly
  • How to turn slowly and fast
  • How to enjoy it!

first steps in waves

Did you already SUP before? Do you have the basic skills because you are training normally at home in a lake or river?

We teach you the first steps into wave riding, body position, reading the ocean and waves, learning about the currents, turning on a wave, safety rules.

SUP in Las Palmas

The main beach in Las Palmas, Las Canteras, provides surfers with perfect conditions for Stand up paddling !

  • With its 3 km length, it offers calm water for beginners and perfect waves for advanced.
  • Surf Gran Canaria will take you for a nice trip along the reef of the northern beach sections of Las Canteras, where you can enjoy the view on the beach promenade!
  • During low tide you will be able to jump into the water with a snorkel and diving goggles to admire the sea life of ‘La Barra’

***IMPORTANT: SUP lessons are always depending on the wave conditions and ocean tides. The final decision will always be taken by our licensed instructor who will determine if the conditions are appropriate or not. In case that the conditions are not good, the SUP lesson will be replaced for a Surf or Bodyboard lesson.